:: Price Reduced on the Talisman Necklace! ::

Hey folks, I just wanted to let you know I've decided to reduce the price of my latest talisman necklace, In The Sun.  It priced out at over $400 but much of that was due to the long time it took to finely stitch that leather cord together.  So I'm now offering it to you at what is hopefully a more manageable price, $375.  More pieces are in the works!

Moon Time

Vintage Ethnographic Shell Button Pendant + Lunar Talisman Necklace + Baroque Freshwater Pearls, Antique Metal Beads, Yoruba Granulated Brass + Handmade Fine Silver Disc

A luminous old shell button from the highlands of Central Asia graces this necklace with its gentle presence...a cooling synergy of pearls, brass, shell and antiqued brass for hot summer days

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Last but not least for today, the moon follows the sun!  Enjoy...

Sun-Drenched Amulets

Desert Amulets + Talisman Necklace + Ancient and Antique Elements + Geode, Fossils, Shell, Pearl + Hand Stitched Deer Hide Cord + Warm Earth Tones

Lovely, sun-warmed desert beauty...a talisman necklace with ancient and antique elements that glow with the light of the sun, suspended from a hand stitched deer hide cord

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Here is the latest, a perfect bundle of talismans for summer days...

More to come!

Shaman's Necklace

Shaman's Necklace + Amulets & Talismans + Handmade Wrapped Sterling Chain + Fossils, Artifacts & Desert Impressions

A new take on an ancient amulet necklace in shades of sage, copper and silver

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Here, finally, is the new necklace I have been promising.  This is a new style I'm trying out, another way to make a multi-talisman piece, with each one attached to a link in a sterling silver chain.  The piece's title is in honor of the stunning landscape I drove through in northwestern New Mexico yesterday.  Abundant snow and rain this year have given us a spectacular spring and the sage was as verdant as I have ever seen it, from horizon to horizon.  

I have to apologize for my absences lately; I have been dealing with personal issues and major home repairs simultaneously and my attention has been divided...and distracted.  But I am working whenever I can so keep checking back for new items!

Chaco Canyon was my destination yesterday.  I drove out there with a friend of mine, not for the usual visit but to make prayers and offerings in support of the land...incredibly, it is currently endangered by fracking.  If you know anything about Chaco you understand that doing so would desecrate the greatest archaeological site in the country, a National Park and World Heritage Site, which is ancestral sacred land to many Native tribes.  Furthermore, the area is home to many Navajo who only wish to live and work on the land in peace and good health.  If you are interested in learning more, here are some sites you might find helpful.  Please sign their petitions if you are so inclined; every voice counts.




:: Hopi Point ::

Desert Primitive Heat Textured Cuff + Sterling Silver Bracelet + Fossil Tree Fern + Picture Jasper + Wabi Sabi

A substantial sterling silver cuff, textured like the raw desert landscape, set with two large cabochons held with heavy sterling prongs.

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I did decide to list this bracelet after all, and here it is!  I realized that what I needed to keep was the visual information and I am also confident that it will hold up just fine to normal wear.  This may be my favorite piece of jewelry so far.  I love everything about it.

This morning a severe storm came through as I was doing yoga to try and help my lower back, which I seem to have done something to, and rain and hail soaked the new studio carpet as well as our bedroom.  I spent the rest of the morning standing on towels to absorb as much water as possible and moving furniture out of the studio, all while keeping a nervous eye on the sky.  The problem is our aging, leaky windows and deteriorating exterior stucco and I can no longer ignore the fact that they both need to be replaced.  This is going to mean a major work disruption but they simply have to be done, first the windows, then the stucco.  I don't know the timetable yet, but will keep on working as best I can in the meantime.  

So even with all the chaos I have almost finished the fiery Goddess Spirit Beads and if possible I will list them tomorrow...we'll see what the weather brings and if the window estimate allows me the time.  

Never a dull moment!

:: Desert Archaic Talisman ::

Desert Primitive Talisman Necklace + Archaic Style + Buffalo Hide, Antique Orissa Brass + Heat Textured Silver + Fused Fine Silver + Fossil Tooth

Like an antique Native American ornament, only straight out the desert Dreaming...an assemblage of beaded buffalo hide, tattered fabric, fire-scarred silver and more

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Here's my latest offering from the desert Dreaming...

:: Textured Silver and Turquoise Cuff ::

Textured Sterling and Turquoise Cuff Bracelet + Desert Landscape Textures + Wabi Sabi + Small Cuff

The deep texture of canyon country sandstone was my touchstone for this primitive silver cuff adorned with a single turquoise

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Here's that cuff I promised you.  Its larger sister is still waiting for me to go into town to get the fracture repair compound so I can (hopefully) fix the cracked stone.  Then we will see!  

:: New and Ancient ::

Primitive Pyrite Ammonite Ring + Fossil + OOAK + Earthy Sterling Silver and Brass + Adjustable Size 7.5 to 9 + Large Ring

An amazing section of pyritized ammonite has been cut to reveal inner chambers sparkling with drusy crystals.  Set into a primitive silver ring, this is a truly unforgettable piece

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Fossil Ammonite Necklace + Ancient Shell and Stone + Handmade Bronze Discs + OOAK + Desert Earth

A delicately-chambered fossil ammonite graces a strand studded with many ancient desert-hued beads.

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There's a theme going today with these new ammonite talismans!  Over in my Etsy shop, I've also listed a meteorite ring...check it out!  More metal work to come...

:: Quartz in the Sun ::

Primitive Quartz Pendant Necklace + Handmade Bronze and Brass + Rutilated Quartz and Himalayan Quartz Crystals

Sparkling quartz shot through with desert sunlight...a warm-hearted necklace to celebrate the return of warmer days

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I was a little under the weather yesterday so this is a day late...another necklace is on the way, this one with an ammonite pendant, and then this week I think it's time to get the metalworking gear out and set some stones!

:: New Malas and Spirit Beads ::

RESERVED +Pearl Mala Necklace With Removable Bronze Pendant + Convertible + Nontraditional + Boulder Opal + Ancient Shell Beads

A most unusual 108 bead mala made with hundreds of pearls, with boulder opal and ancient beads.  Fully convertible, it can be doubled or worn without the pendant.

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Today I have this unusual mala here, and another more traditional one just listed in my Etsy shop.  A new set of Spirit Beads is going to appear there next...enjoy!

:: Finding A Quiet Place ::

RESERVED + Quiet Space Spirit Beads + Desert Earth + Primitive + Prayer Beads + Meditation, Contemplation, Present Moment, Silence

A smaller, lighter strand of Spirit Beads that is designed for wearing...desert earth abstractions and textures to quiet the mind and soothe the soul

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My favorite style of Spirit Beads, this set is a sister to my own personal strand.

:: Solar Tribe ::

Solar Tribe Spirit Beads + Prayer Beads + Meditation + Contemplation + Present Moment + Earth Spirituality

A luminous set of prayer beads, suffused with golden light

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These are just beautiful, and it is so important to stay centered nowadays.  Prayer beads are a great way to do that and to remember the spiritual in daily life.  Even if you don't go for a large set like this, a small set or talisman can be a great support.  Over 10 years ago I came upon a small book called "A String and A Prayer" by Eleanor Wiley and Maggie Oman Shannon.  It was about prayer beads that weren't attached to any religious tradition, called contemporary prayer beads.  You chose what they represented yourself, and the book detailed several ways to make them.  I was enthralled...I loved all religious prayer beads but had always wanted something of my "own", to reflect the spirit in the landscape and beyond.  I started making them and as you can see I still do today.  I encourage everyone to find a copy of this book and try making your own!  These beads are such good medicine.

:: Back from the Outlands ::

Desert Primitive Fossil Ivory Talisman Necklace + Handmade Fine Silver Yucca Pod Impression + Desert Colors Beaded Strand

Rich brown fragments of fossil ivory are suspended with a silver yucca pod amulet on a graduated strand of fine seed beads

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I've returned from a wonderful but grueling, trip and am slowly returning to work...here's the fossil ivory talisman pendant as promised.  I'm going to start working on the Spirit Beads listing next, and will likely list them tomorrow.  Also in the works is a short recap of my recent adventures...stay tuned.