:: ...and Rings ::

New Mexico Turquoise Ring + Natural + Untreated + Cerrillos Mine + Southwestern + Adjustable Size 8 + Sterling Silver + Primitive + Wabi Sabi + Boho Style

From the ancient turquoise mining area of the Ancestral Pueblo people, soft green turquoise set in a Desert Primitive ring

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…and there is another new turquoise ring in my Etsy shop!

:: Earrings ::

Earrings for you today! Also new earrings and a fused silver bangle in my Etsy shop!

:: Ancient Totems and Talismans ::

Fossil Totem Necklace + Horse Tooth Pendant + Ancient Mayan Stone Bead + Stacked + Primitive + Statement + Desert Talismans

A beautifully preserved prehistoric horse tooth fossil totem pendant on pearls and silver

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Two bold and beautiful Desert Talismans for you today, full of ancient energy…

:: New Pieces! ::

Three new pieces for you here today, and one in my Etsy shop!

All of my pieces are now infused with Reiki energy, once while I work and again when I pack them up to go out to you. Reiki is a wonderful healing energy straight from Source. I have been infusing my talismans with energy and intentions for you all along, but have recently been inspired to use Reiki specifically as well. If you would like to know more, please ask!

Primitive Fused Fine Silver Charm Bracelet + Ancient Ivory Artifact + Prehistoric + Stone Age + Desert Textures

A bracelet of heavy, primitive silver links with an ancient ivory artifact and bronze charm

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:: Black Madonna Spirit Beads ::

This very special set of prayer beads, or Spirit Beads, has just been listed in my Etsy shop. It was modeled after my own set of Black Madonna beads and is even larger and more elaborate, with vintage, antique and handmade elements that are one-of-a-kind. It is a very powerful offering.


:: A Series of Silver Bangles ::

Minimalist Silver Bangle Trio+ Raw + Desert Stone Hammered Texture + Organic + Wabi Sabi + Contemporary + Dawn Wilson + Talismans

Dynamic lines traced by a trio of silver bangles…desert rock and horizon lines for your wrist

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Desert Stone Bangle Bracelet + Hammered + Raw Texture + Fused Fine Silver + Wabi Sabi + OOAK +

The uncompromising lines of the desert wilderness…fused in silver for your wrist

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I love the sinewy lines of these mimimalist silver bangles. They capture the raw essence of the desert so beautifully!

:: New Spirit Beads! ::

I have several new sets of Spirit Beads that are going into my Etsy shop. Be sure to take a look! And more are on the way…I think we could all use a little mindfulness, tranquility and perspective these days.



Where Earth Meets Sky

Where Earth Meets Sky