:: Prehistoric Southwestern Style Pendants ::

Minimalist Jet Pendant + Prehistoric Technique + Ancient Southwest + Multi Strand Seed Bead Necklace + Hammered Bronze Findings

A black oblong of jet, worked entirely with stone tools, set with primitive bronze findings on delicate strands of seed beads and turquoise

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Red Abalone Stone Worked Pendant + Ancient Southwest Style + Prehistoric Ornament Technique + Large Pendant + Sterling Chain

A luminous tab pendant of abalone, shaped using the prehistoric methods of the Southwest, strung on an oxidized silver chain.

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I love these two tab pendants I've been working on over the past week.  Classic Anasazi style, made only with stone tools and polished with elk hide and cotton.  Many, many hours of grinding and polishing, especially the jet.  They are almost identical in shape and size, but have very different treatments for their necklaces.