:: Night Chant ::

Necklace From the Stars + Meteorites and Tektites with Labradorite + Fused and Hammered Fine Silver Chain

ild and dramatic as a desert night filled with stars...meteorites and stunning labradorite on a primitive, organic handmade silver chain.

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The computer is beginning to behave again, and I am getting to those new listings...more pieces are on the way, both here and on Etsy!  Including two more drawings!

:: SALE In My Etsy Shop::

I'm back from Colorado and have decided to have a surprise sale in my Etsy shop!  It's time to clear out the old items and clear the energy, so everything has been marked down significantly.  Some of the older pieces have been reduced a great deal.  If you have had your eye on something, now is the time to claim it as your own, because some of the items will be going away after this.  The sale will run to the end of November.  Have fun!


:: Copper Sage ::

Copper Sage Stacked Cairn Pendant + Handmade Elements + Ancient Beads + Copper Bead Necklace

Rich coppery reds predominate in this autumnal necklace...featuring elements from the high desert of the Four Corners and beyond.

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Something warm as an autumn sunset in the high desert, this one is new for you today.  Tomorrow I will post some photos of my journey of mountain ceremonies from the last three days. 

:: From Desert Travels, the Latest Work ::

My new pieces follow the tracks of desert sojourns...enjoy!

RESERVED + Journey Strata Layered Earrings + Fossil Ivory + Fine Silver Charms + Polymer, Resined Paper and Mica Leaves

++ These earrings are on reserve for a customer ++ A book of desert sojourns, layered in delicate leaves, held together with silver and fossil ivory.

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Desert Primitive Ceremonial Antler Talisman + Linen Fiber Necklace + Handmade Fine Silver Elements + Resined Papers + Ancient Beads, Saguaro, Taos Pueblo Clay

An elegant and earthy necklace for desert ceremony...soft, organic neutrals quiet the mind as the beads and silver elements connect you to the ancestors and the desert.

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:: More Amber For Fall Equinox...! ::

Ceremonial Forked Wand + Juniper Wood + Baltic Amber, Handmade Pipestone Beads + Deerhide, Feathers, Yucca Cordage + Earth Spirituality

A graceful branch of high desert juniper wood, adorned with golden Baltic amber, pipestone, feathers and deer hide...for ceremony, ritual, prayers, or as a reminder of the Sacred Earth in your home.

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...and here is the wand!

:: Amber for Fall Equinox! ::

Luminous Mixed Baltic Amber Necklace + Hand Knotted On Silk + Calming and Centering + Extra Long Single Strand Or Double Strand

Celebrate fall with this gorgeous strand of soothing Baltic amber!  Wear it as a very long single strand or double it for a shorter one.

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RESERVED + Baltic Amber Cluster Earrings + With Green and Butterscotch Amber + Sterling Silver + Linen Fibers With Seri Shell, Pearl, Glass

An absolutely unique pair of earrings, densely clustered with jewel-toned amber beads...yet virtually weightless.

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The new amber talismans are here!  I also have a ceremonial wand adorned with amber, which will be listed soon...Happy Fall Equinox everyone...here's to cooler weather!

:: Chaco Medicine Bag ::

Chaco Canyon Medicine Bag + Earth Pigment Painted Deer Hide + Pre Columbian Beads, Abalone, Rattlesnake Bone, Taos Pueblo Clay + Reversible

Inspired by the ancient culture of Chaco Canyon, this handmade medicine pouch could be an artifact from Ancestral Pueblo times.  It's also reversible.

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This little one took a while to manifest, but it's a delightful piece!

:: Exquisite Artifacts and Hand-Knotted Pearls ::

Desert Primitive Talisman Necklace + Antique Quiche Maya Bone Tool + Fossil Ivory + Pearls and Ancient Beads Knotted on Silk

A striking talisman necklace with many stunning antique and ancient elements, all carefully knotted by hand on silk cord.

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One of the best pieces I've made this year.  Enjoy...

:: Down To Earth ::

Down To Earth Spirit Beads + Prayer and Meditation Beads + Ceremony + Calming and Centering, Staying Grounded and Present

A dark, earthy and deeply primal set of Spirit Beads, for staying grounded and centered in uncertain times.

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Here they are, those luscious Spirit Beads I've been promising.  This is a marvelously earthy set.  I almost kept it because I love the amber so much. 

:: Canyon Rim Necklace ::

RESERVED Sterling Silver Grand Canyon Rimrock Impression Pendant + Choker Necklace + Earthy Beads of Clay, Petrified Wood, Juniper Seeds, Jasper

A necklace made of sunlight on stone, this pendant was created onsite at the Grand Canyon. 

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I have this wonderfully earthy and organic pendant necklace for you today.  There is also a great new set of Spirit Beads waiting, but I won't be able to get it listed for a few days. 
There was a strong storm here last night, water leaked in, and we have three rooms with soaked carpets (including my new studio carpet), and are dealing with the cleanup today.  This weekend I have a class to attend, so look for them early next week. 

:: A Blessing Bowl ::

Hand Painted Gourd Blessing Bowl + Handmade Desert Earth Pigment + Pre-Columbian Shell Beads + Handmade Yucca Cordage + Antique Trade Beads + Brain Tanned Elk Hide + Handmade Bronze Amulet

A spirit vessel to hold your prayers, intentions, sacred objects, offerings and blessings...handmade from a natural gourd and adorned with earth pigments and rare beads.

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I am very happy with this little bowl!  I used to make more ceremonial objects and would like to do more of them again...this is the first of the new wave...